Quality Processes Designed For Mission Success

In today's fluid business and military logistics environment, innovation and agility are imperative disciplines for success. Organizations must have quality assurance processes in place to adapt to this ever-changing landscape. Early on, our management took a leadership approach to this area. Over nearly two decades this has grown into the TLC Quality Program, which is out largest competitive advantage. This includes the following components:

Our Skills



Our knowledge-based systems and lean thinking provide the ability to sense needs, identify trends and proactively react quickly and economically in accordance with good business practices.

ISO 9001:2008


In support of the TLC corporate commitment to quality, we have maintained ISO 9001 accreditation for more than a decade. This industry standard was implemented as part of TLC’s corporate commitment to excellence.




We have chosen to utilize tools such as Deltek, Costpoint, ISO 9001:2008 and QlikView that provide expanded benefits to our customers and stakeholders. Tools improve our ability to reach out and touch needs that were previously not considered. They afford us the ability to view deficiencies and reallocate resources to overcome shortfalls, thus preventing mission failure.



Our people are the most valuable asset in mission success. By employing well trained and experienced workforce, we are able to provide the customer the resources they need. Through training and improved processes we enhance mission capability.




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About TLC

The Logistics Company exists to provide high quality Base Operations and logistics support that meet ISO 9001:2000 standards. Our team of professionals brings technical expertise from both the military and industry, and is globally responsive to our customer requirements. We are a disabled veteran-owned government contractor focused on the health, welfare and safety of our employees, stakeholders, clients and the U.S. military. For nearly 20 years, we have provided smart, economical solutions for even the toughest projects with quality and integrity that produces mission success.